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Indian Speed Cubers


Kabyanil Talukdar

Kabyanil Talukdar is an Indian 3x3x3 blindfold maestro. Kabyanil emerged as the current World Champion for 3x3x3 blindfold category during the World Cubing Championship held in Brazil in 2015. He is also ex-World Record holder for 3x3x3 Blindfold mean. He has represented India to many international competitions. In January 2016, as a part of Team India he broke the Guinness World Record for solving most number of cubes in one hour by a Team. Team of 9 cubers solved 2454 cubes in 60 minutes.

WCA Profile: 2013TALU01


Bhargav Narasimhan

Bhargav Narasimhan is an Indian One-handed speedcubing maestro. Bhargav has held Asian records in both OH average (13.00 seconds) and OH single (9.52 seconds). A dominant OH solver in India, Bhargav has set 19 Indian national records. Over the course of his competitive career, Bhargav has amassed over 25 competition wins in OH. In March of 2015, Bhargav broke the Guinness World Record for solving 5 cubes consecutively one-handed, with a time of 1:23.934.

WCA Profile: 2011NARA02


Dharmesh Shahu

Dharmesh Shahu is one of the most experienced Indian speedcuber. Dharmesh is an ex NR Holder for 3x3x3 Speed solve has the highest number sub 10 solves by any Indian. He won The Indian Nationals 2016 held in Delhi.

WCA Profile: 2011SHAH01


Akash Rupela

Akash Rupela is an Indian speedcuber. Akash’s 6.91 seconds solve of 3x3x3 Speed solve is the most celebrated solves in Indian speed cubing history. Akash in one of the very few Indian cubers to have a very good command over all the official puzzles. In January 2016, as a part of Team India he broke the Guinness World Record for solving most number of cubes in one hour by a Team. Team of 9 cubers solved 2454 cubes in 60 minutes.

WCA Profile: 2012RUPE01


Kesava Kirupa

Kesava Kirupa is current NR holder for 3x3x3 Speed solve with a timing of 6.54 seconds.

WCA Profile: 2011KIRU01


Shivam Bansal

Shivam Bansal is Indian 3x3x3 multi-blindfold master. In August 2016, He made a National Record for solving 30/35 cubes blindfolded. Shivam has represented India internationally. Shivam is one of the very few cubers in the world to have a proficiency in all the official speedsolve events, but he is most known for his mind-blowing multi-blindfold skills.

WCA Profile: 2011BANS02


Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar

Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar is a well-known blindfold speedcuber. He specializes in big cube blindfold (4x4x4 and 5x5x5).

WCA Profile: 2013GHOD01

International Speed Cubers


Felix Zemdegs

Felix Zemdegs is an Australian Speedcuber. Felix holds the record for the longest standing unbroken world record of 3x3x3 speedsolve of 5.77 seconds. Felix holds multiple world records. And excels each category of speed solve.

WCA Profile: 2009ZEMD01

Kevin Hays
Kevin Hays is an American speedcuber and big cube specialist. Kevin is currently the world champion of two big cube events: 6x6 and 7x7. To date, Kevin has held 15 world records in big cubes, as well as numerous continental records. Kevin is widely considered to be the most successful 6x6 solver in the history of the event, amassing a total of 12 world records over five years. Kevin's biggest accomplishment is being the only person to complete the "big cube sweep" at a world championship, winning the 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7 events in 2013.

WCA Profile: 2009HAYS01                Video Channel: 26HTK                Facebook Page: HaysCubing


Mats Valk

Mats Valk is a Dutch speedcuber. Mats is best known for breaking the 3x3 single world record (5.55) as well as his world class performance in a number of events, including 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, One-Handed and Fewest Moves, where he ranks top 30 globally. Mats has previously held three 4x4 world records as well as 10 European continental records in 4 different events. Recently, Mats was selected to represent QiYi at the 2015 Chinese Championships. Mats is also known for his work on VLS (Valk Last Slot) and HLS (Hessler Last Slot) in collaboration with Rowe Hessler, algorithm sets that simultaneously solve a pair while forcing an OLL skip.

WCA Profile: 2007VALK01                Video Channel: mats.cube                Facebook Page: mats.cube


Jayden McNeill

Jayden McNeill is an Australian speedcuber and former world record holder in the Skewb event. Jay currently holds the continental record single, and has also previously held 7 Skewb continental records (3 singles and 4 averages), as well as one former world record single. Jay is also a top ranked 2x2 solver, holding a continental record (1.55), which also ranks second globally. Jay was the third cuber ever to achieve a sub 2 second 2x2 average in competition, and has since been the only person to hold the continental average record. Jay is also an accomplished all-around cuber, ranking in the top 100 globally for 21 event categories, and top 50 for 9 categories. Jay is currently ranked 11th in the world for 3x3 single.

WCA Profile: 2012MCNE01                Video Channel: ottozing                Facebook Page: jmcneill581


Chris Olson (Cyotheking)

In 2013, Chris broke the 2x2 world record average 3 times and now he specializes in making some of the highest quality cubing videos on YouTube.

WCA Profile: 2009OLSO01                Video Channel: CYOtheKing



WCA Profile: 2011FAST01                Video Channel: crazybadcuber                Facebook Page: CrazyBadCuber


Anthony Brooks

Anthony Brooks is an American speedcuber. Anthony specializes in small cubes (2x2 and 3x3) and has been ranked in the top 5 globally in both categories. One of Anthony's more notable cubing achievements occurred on October 15, 2011 when he became the 3x3 North American record holder. He acquired the title by beating the previous continental best of 6.94 seconds by the smallest possible margin - one hundredth of a second - at the Dayton Fall 2011. Anthony was also the 2011 2x2 US National Champion and is part of the team that holds the world record for solving the world's largest functioning Rubik's Cube, the Groovik's Cube. Recently, Anthony received a silver medal in 2x2 at the 2015 World Championships.

WCA Profile: 2008SEAR01                Video Channel: AnthonyBrooksCubing                Facebook Page: brookscubing


Drew Brads

Drew Brads is an American speedcuber specializing in Pyraminx and 3x3. Drew currently holds the world record Pyraminx single at 1.32 seconds and average at 2.14 seconds. Drew is also a 3-time national champion and 1-time world champion in Pyraminx. Drew is currently ranked 17th globally for 3x3 average (7.73) and was the first American cuber to achieve a sub-6 single time in competition. Most recently, Drew became the US national champion in 3x3, winning US Nationals 2015 by just .01 seconds.

WCA Profile: 2010BRAD01                Video Channel: XTownCuber                Facebook Page: drew.brads


Rami Sbahi

Rami Sbahi is an American speedcuber who specializes in a variety of random events (2x2, skewb, feet, pyraminx, FMC). Rami currently holds the world records for 2x2 single and average. Also, he has the North American records for skewb average and feet average, along with the USA record for feet single. And, most recently, he tied the world record for 3x3 fewest moves single, with a movecount of 20. He is currently ranked top 10 for 4 out of 18 official WCA events (2x2, pyraminx, skewb, FMC), and top 100 for 8 out of 18 events (2x2, pyraminx, skewb, FMC, 3x3, feet, megaminx, and square-1). As an all-around speed cuber, he is ranked 3rd in the USA and 18th in the world for sum of ranks single. At home, Rami regularly practices 2x2, 3x3, skewb, FMC, megaminx, square-1, pyraminx, BLD, and other events from time to time. As for non-WCA events, Rami owns all the Unofficial World Records for 2x2 blindfolded and 3x3 skype TeamBLD, along with other miscellaneous UWRs. His practice, including PBs and UWRs, can be seen on YouTube.
WCA Profile: 2011SBAH01                Video Channel: therubikscard101                Facebook Page: rami.sbahi.3


Lucas Etter

Lucas Etter is an American speedcuber who specializes in the small cube events (2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 3x3 OH). His first competition was in 2011 at the University of Indianapolis when he was nine. Since then, he has competed in several competitions across the United States. Lucas is best known for his 3x3 world record single with a time of 4.90 seconds, the first sub-five solve in competition. He is the current 3x3 North American Record holder with an average of 7.06 seconds, which also ranks 2nd globally, and the current 2x2 world record average holder. Recently, Lucas was crowned the 3x3 U.S. national champion and the 2x2 U.S. national champion. Additionally, he is ranked in the top 100 for several WCA events. 
At home, Lucas regularly practices 2-7, pyraminx, square-1, 3x3 OH, and skewb. His practice, along with a wider variety of videos, can be seen on YouTube.

WCA Profile: 2011ETTE01                Video Channel: thelucascube


Keaton Ellis

Keaton Ellis is an American speedcuber and former US National record holder for One-Handed average (13.08). Keaton is the current US National Champion in the One-Handed category, and currently places 7th in the world with a 12.05 average. Keaton also competes at a high level in many other nxn puzzles, ranking in the top 100 for average in 3x3 through 7x7, most notably 2nd for 3x3 single with a 5.09. Keaton is also a prominent leader in the speedcubing community through his work as a moderator in the popular r/Cubers subreddit as well as his role as a competition organizer and WCA Candidate Delegate in his home state of Maryland.

WCA Profile: 2012ELLI01                Video Channel: crazyninja300


Phil Yu

Phil Yu is an American speedcuber, One-Handed specialist and early pioneer of the ZZ (Zbigniew Zborowski) method. Phil made a splash in the OH scene in 2010 by being the first competitive solver to use the ZZ method. A former World No. 2 in the OH event, Phil set the North American record for OH average (13.46) in 2012. Over the years, Phil has published a collection of tutorials on the ZZ method and has helped inspire mainstream interest in the method. Phil has since stepped down from competing to focus on his professional life.

WCA Profile: 2010YUPH01                Video Channel: asmallkitten


Collin Burns

Collin Burns is an American speedcuber and the current 3x3 single World Record holder (5.25 seconds). A highly accomplished 3x3 solver, Collin held the North American record for 3x3 single (5.93 seconds) and placed first at the US National Championships in 2014, finishing ahead of a slew of top American and international competitors. Collin has since maintained an 7.69 official 3x3 average, ranking him among the top 10 3x3 solvers globally. Collin is also an exceptional One-Handed solver, setting three national record averages, including the current record of 12.54 seconds.

WCA Profile: 2010BURN01                Video Channel: collinbxyz