About Us

It's very nice of you to take some time and get to know about us better. Here are a few things that we would love to tell you :).

After attending a Rubik's Cube competition in 2011 and getting frustrated by it, Akshay Rao and Janhavi Desai thought that cubing deserved more than sidelined classroom competitions that nobody even noticed. So when Janhavi thought of creating a stand-alone competition, Akshay brought in his friends Dharmesh Shahu, Shantanu Walked and Priyanka Sabnis to actually make it happen. On 15th June 2011 SCMU was born and based on the Facebook group Speed Cubing India Unlimited (SCIU), Dharmesh suggested that the competition should be called Speed Cubing Mumbai Unlimited (SCMU), and the name stuck on. Rishi Doshi voluntarily presented the comet tail logo design as a surprise gift to the five co-founders. The only motivation and aim this group had was to bring attention and recognition to speed cubing as a sport. Each one of the above still studying, organised a competition on 9th July 2011 in Mumbai with the help of friends and family and thus kick starting this awesome journey of SCMU.

For roughly two years, SCMU was spearheaded by Akshay Rao, during which time it became India's first stand-alone competition as well as India's first dedicated online cube store. The first website was designed with the help of Prerak Dalal, another cuber with the same aim as the co-founders. More names got added to the SCMU team over the years: Girish Bhatia, Ankit Gupta, Dhanayush Raninga, Pavan Akula, Bhushan Danait, Gaurav Taneja, Vikram Mada, Pranay Sampat and many more.

In 2013, when Akshay shifted to Pune for his higher education, Mukta Watve helped him take SCMU to a whole new level. In the course of expanding, the non-profit venture suffered some losses too.

Somewhere in the meanwhile, they'd met Girish Bhatia through random cubing events. He started suggesting some ways to help SCMU make up for the losses. Eventually, recovering losses turned to profit and SCMU started sponsoring competitions across the country. Till date SCMU has sponsored over 50 cubing events.

In 2013, Akshay handed over the entire functioning and responsibilities of the cube store to Girish and shifted to Bangalore to further his academic career taking an unofficial retirement from his SCMU and its activities. Girish still in his final year of engineering waited for a few months to complete his graduation and registered the store as a legal entity under his name to streamline the processes and has been managing it since.

In January 2015, Akshay, Mukta, Ankit and Girish organised SCMU 2015, which was Asia's largest competition at that time. It is currently the second largest after the Chinese championship.

This is a brief idea about us and a walk down memory lane to commemorate the contributions of everyone who has helped build SCMU and bring it to where it stands today. Even though this post only names a few people, countless more have helped a great deal. Even if your name isn't mentioned in this post, your contribution to the unending spirit of Cubing is remembered and will always be remembered. 

Cheers to each and everyone.
Warmest Regards, 
Team SCMU.